A little ‘thank you’ from me to you

Thank you.

I’ve been thinking for a month now what my first post should be about and now I realize there is no better way to start this blog than telling each one of you how grateful I am for everything.

Here we go.

When I started this journey back in 2012, I had one word to describe myself for wanting the things I wanted: DELUSIONAL.

I wanted a writing job when my only background as a writer was my stint with my elementary school paper, The Roxasian Bugle.

I wanted a job that involved watching sports—volleyball mostly—on the daily when I was just a fan who can’t even watch the games live sometimes because I have no money for tickets.

In a nutshell, I wanted to practice my passion in exchange for watching the games for free. It’s a sweet deal.


This was a journal I wrote back in 2013.

Despite having no assurance of what the future holds, I left my job as a call center representative.

I can’t remember what exactly brought me to that decision but I remember telling myself one day: Kung hindi ngayon, kailan? Kung hindi dito, saan?

Ate Vi?! Hahaha!

Not much people believed in my dreams back then. Most of the people I know couldn’t see what I see. And I can’t blame them. I’ve quit my previous jobs at least a dozen times. But I don’t know. Though I have so much respect for the people in the BPO industry, I knew it was not for me.

And so I went on to chase my dreams of being a writer without a semblance of a savings in the bank and without a laptop of my own.

Kung hindi ka ba naman isa’t kalahating tonta, diba? Bet maging writer pero walang laptop? NKKLK!

But I guess nothing can stop you when you have nothing to lose.

With only an iTouch as my gadget, I created my Twitter account and posted commentaries from a ‘funny faney’ point-of-view and before I know it, the number of followers grew.

Having captured the attention of a few people, I decided to create a blog.

I wrote stories and published them on my own without the help of any Editor and looking back, I cringe. Hahahaha!

I would stay up all night because that’s the only time I can use my brother’s laptop to write my stories.

If that’s not what they call ‘humble beginnings’ then I don’t know what is.

And then the magic happened.

Like a Cinderella-esque twist, I got picked by Philippine SuperLiga’s Anna Tomas to be the Power Pinays’ team journalist back in 2013 in the Asian Srs. women’s volleyball championship in Thailand.PP

Tapos nun nagsunod-sunod na ang blessings kay water which brought about the change.

I used to be one of those people who are mean online but then good things started to happen to me and I felt I have no right anymore to have such an angry and bashful voice.

So I changed and became a little boring.

And you stayed!

They say I’m lucky because I have my dream job but that’s a bunch of bull. I’m not lucky. I worked hard!

From the pressure I had to endure during my sleepless nights in Thailand, the ‘pulot bola’ days with Cagayan Valley and the painful route to finding my voice as a writer for Rivals, I worked hard.

Pero alam niyo kung saan ako swerte? Sa inyo! GANORN!

Sa bawat retweet at favorite niyo sa Twitter, sa bawat istoryang sinulat ko na binasa niyo, sa bawat Instagram post na pinusuan niyo, sa lahat ng post ko na nagpasaya sa inyo at maski na sa mga post ko na nagalit kayo, you helped me find my voice.

Dahil sa inyo, may laptop nang sarili si watashi. ‘Yun talaga ang moral lesson eh. CHARAUGHT! Hahahaha!

But seriously, life has changed in the last three years.

‘Yung pangarap ko dati na kainan, nakainan ko na ng paulit-ulit. ‘Yung dream ko na may Nestle Chuckie lagi sa ref, natupad naman na. Sila Mama at Papa natubos ko na din sa Cebuana. Chareng!

That is why this first post is all about thanking you, my readers. I get paid because you read and appreciate whatever I put out there.

SEA Games

Taken last June with the PH national women’s volleyball team during the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore.

I’m not even half as good as the best writers we have in sports, I know that. But you guys showed support by trusting me and my stories. And for that, THANK YOU!

And I hope you’ll extend your support to this new blog of mine which will be about anything under the sun.

Pag-uusapan natin mula sports, entertainment, fashion, love life ko, kawalan mo ng love life, ang talakera mong nanay, ang chismosa mong kapitbahay, ang videoke nilang non-stop at pati na rin ang aso nilang ume-erna madalas sa tapat ng gate niyo.

Sadly, Rivals will go offline soon and it breaks my heart so you’ll be reading my volleyball reports somewhere bigger starting next year.

It’s bittersweet but that deserves a separate post which will be full of feels but for now, ito muna. Salamat.

You guys taught me that regardless of how many times I failed in life, it is never too late to pick myself up and start over.

I hope you, too, can find the right people who will uplift and inspire you to become whoever you want to be.

Sabi nga sa isa sa mga paborito kong movies na A Cinderella Story (O, pak! Baklang bakla pa din!), NEVER LET THE FEAR OF STRIKING OUT KEEP YOU FROM PLAYING THE GAME.

So if there ever comes a time when you’re doubting yourself, send me a tweet and I’ll tell you ‘You can do it!’

Salamat, mga baks!

Cheers to new beginnings! And cheers to a life-long gratitude from me to you.